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Summertime Childhood Portraits

A fantastic time to capture those portraits to treasure forever, from buttercup fields to low evening summer sunlight


- Newborn Portraiture with Sharon Taylor
Life is a flame that is always burning itself out, but it catches fire again every time a child is born
- George Bernard Shaw

Cherish the memories
There is nothing more pure, precious and beautiful than a newborn baby girl or boy. Those early days of sleepy contentment, soft downy skin and exquisite pouts are to be cherished forever. As a mum of three, I know that those days can pass in a bleary haze and memories of that magic time fade all too quickly. A newborn portrait session helps to embellish those moments in your memory, and provide keepsakes for your special bundle in years to come. 

Gentle and relaxed baby photography
Those first few weeks can be daunting; you’ll be recovering from giving birth and discovering all there is to know about your new baby. Sympathetic to this, I come to you with everything we need to create artistic memories in the comfort of your own home. My approach with baby photography is gentle, patient and relaxed; the demands of the photo shoot are second to your baby’s needs. If she or he needs feeding or changing or settling, that’s what we do - a content baby creates the images with the wow factor.

Booking a portrait session
Capturing the sleepy contentment of a newborn, means that portrait sessions should take place within the first couple of weeks of birth, ideally when your baby is between seven to eleven days old. To maintain a calm, peaceful environment and to fit around your baby’s needs, average sessions last between two to three hours with perhaps only half of that time taking pictures. 

To secure a booking, please contact us during pregnancy to be sure of fitting you in. As babies are rarely on time, I pencil in a date around five days after your due date and call you around that time to confirm our portrait session. We will chat then about how you and your baby can be best prepared for the photo shoot.

Easy Choices
Afterwards, you will have a private gallery to view your baby’s pictures. To make life easier for you, there will be a range of special packages - birth announcement cards, thank you notes, and opportunities for sharing digital images on social media - as well as our usual range of quality products. 

Why not enjoy a Pregnancy portrait session with me before hand – we’ll get to know each other a bit and you will add some more memories to your family story?
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