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PhotoShoot Parties

A perfect party for those birthday girls from 8-16 - with pictures to take away! We can bring this either to your home or a suitable venue - get in touch now 07588 739688

Summertime Childhood Portraits

A fantastic time to capture those portraits to treasure forever, from buttercup fields to low evening summer sunlight

Photoshoot Offer

From £45

Amazing days designed to inspire and help you create a life and style you love - spa days for the heart and mind.

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they managed to appear so sorted, stylish and confident? Ever felt like ‘together’ seems un-achievable, when you’ve got so much to do and never enough time?

What if you discovered that it’s easier than you think..?

Looking fabulous and feeling great doesn’t take a millionaire’s budget or a lifetime to achieve. Making simple shifts in your understanding, thinking and actions is all you need.

Change your mindset, realise your potential and improve your career, relationships, confidence, wellbeing and a whole lot more……

Imagine yourself… on a spa day for the heart & mind, learning, laughing and discovering the secrets to a happy, stylish, successful life.

Imagine… taking a day just to talk and think about YOU and what YOU want.

Imagine… being the very best version of yourself.

Join us at the Oomph Factory where our workshops and events for women are guaranteed to help you create a style & life you love.

Learn how to:

*   Look great and feel fab on a budget

*   Love who you see in the mirror

*   Find fulfilment in the hum drum of everyday

*   Motivate yourself when you’re stuck in a rut

*   Develop your hopes and dreams with no spare time, cash or energy

Award winning stylist & image coach Steph Robson and photographer & confidence expert Sharon Taylor share their expertise, knowledge and real life experience to help you love yourself and love the life you lead.

Contact Sharon now to book on the next Oomph Factory day

Thursday 19th June


£95 (includes lunch)

Events fit around the school day making it easy for Mums and are based just a mile outside Stratford at Steph’s Studio providing a perfect spot for a little R&R, personal contemplation, and a great get away space so that you can focus totally on you.

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